Student Orientation 2017 by President University

Student Orientation 2017 is held to welcome and introduce the campus environment to the new batch! Catch up on @orientationpresuniv to see more!

President University Student Orientation is an introduction to the new environment and campus life for the freshmen.

Here, they will gain lots of fun and knowledge about President University, moreover, to have a strong bond towards each others. Student Orientation 2017 is upholding the theme of “Quest for Excellence”, in which defined with the purpose of this event to search for the excellence in ourselves within the adventure in campus life.

Here, they are being directed to look for their own excellence as soon as they arrived; whether it is by academic or non-academic things, based on their own interest and capability. So, it is a perfect time to start building their own future and reach their goals ahead. To gain more spirit, Student Orientation also marks its activities with tagline “Refine Your Quality, Define Your Identity”, which describe the character that will be built in each of future leaders here. Day by day, smile will be wider, laugh will be louder.

Student Orientation will be the most memorable event that held in President University; you can tell! Catch us on our social media to see how the adventure goes on! Contact Person: Tamara (082261396698) Andika (082213456807) Instagram & @orientationpresuniv Twitter: @stopresuniv Website: